Experienced Palm Beach County, FL Business Mediator Offers Alternative to Litigation

Legal disputes in business can be devastating. They waste time, cost a lot of money, and can damage a company’s reputation forever. They are one of the biggest hassles in business and put everyone in a difficult position.

And unfortunately, they are impossible to avoid.

But what can be avoided is protracted and expensive litigation. There is an easier path to resolution when business disputes arise and a Palm Beach County, FL business mediator can help.

Palm Beach County, FL Mediator Shares Benefits of Mediation

Business disputes tend to be complex. They often stem from a number of underlying issues and to resolve disputes, these issues must be addressed in addition to the basic issues of the law.

This makes mediation one of the most effective tools for resolving issues in the business world. But there are other benefits too. Mediation makes it possible to create a resolution that could not be achieved in litigation. It offers cost savings money and takes less time than litigation. It can also help to preserve valuable relationships that can eventually be very lucrative.

Mediation is also private. This means issues can be discussed in their entirety without concern for what becomes a matter of public record. This provides parties with a safe space in which to discuss all possible concerns and outcomes, and negotiate in good faith based on their common interests.

Though mediation is not appropriate for every business dispute, it can be a blessing to many involved in legal disputes. Business relationships are precious and should be beneficial for all involved. Those involved should be willing to do everything they can to protect the existing relationship.

Mediation makes it possible to resolve a dispute respectfully and without further damaging the existing relationship.

Contact a Palm Beach County, FL Mediator to Learn How Avoiding Litigation Can Help You

If you are involved in a business dispute and you are looking for a better way to settle it, Marc Sinensky can help.

Marc has more than 35 years of experience and he has represented a variety of business professionals and businesses. He is familiar with a number of different industries and understands how important it is, regardless of the industry, to resolve a dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Marc is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator, Family Mediator, and Appellate Mediator. He has been involved in mediations in a variety of roles, including:

• Mediator
• Counsel for a party
• In-house general counsel for a party
• Settlement counsel for a party, as a party, and as co-counsel for a party

His experience has made it possible for him to approach mediation with a comprehensive appreciation of the process. He knows how to get cases settled from both a legal and business perspective and can provide the guidance you need to resolve your issue as efficiently as possible.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Marc, contact him at (561) 376-1160.

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