Landlord and tenant disputes arise all the time in the rental world. Despite the mutually beneficial nature of a rental relationship, landlords and tenants do not always see eye to eye. Unfortunately, many of these disputes make their way into courtrooms, creating expensive and time-consuming battles and damaging the existing relationship forever.

Marc has handled, on behalf of both landlords and tenants, the negotiation and drafting of office leases, shopping center leases, credit tenant triple net leases, apartment leases and the resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants with respect to such leases. Mediation allows both parties to come together in a neutral location and discuss potential resolutions. They are able to determine which option is the best for all parties involved and resolve their dispute in a mutually beneficial manner.

In mediation, a third-party facilitator oversees the conversation and ensures the discussion remains focused on the main issue. In addition to offering a tool for respectful resolution, mediation also allows for privacy and confidentiality

Mediation is voluntary and requires both parties be willing to negotiate in an open and honest manner. Experienced mediators are often able to bring two people far from agreement closer together.

If you are involved in a landlord and tenant dispute in, Marc Sinensky can help. Marc has more than 35 years of experience in connection with landlord and tenant relationships and he knows how difficult it can be to negotiate a compromise between landlords and tenants.

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