Disputes are a common event in the business world. Many of them can be very complex. Some of the most common issues that trigger business disputes include issues between employees and employers, co-workers, between businesses, and between businesses and the general public.

Marc has more than 35 years of experience and has represented a variety of business professionals and businesses. He is familiar with a number of different industries and understands how important it is, regardless of the industry, to resolve a dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In many cases, business disputes are complicated and stem from a number of underlying issues that must be addressed in addition to the basic issues of the law. For this reason alone, mediation is one of the most effective tools for resolving issues in the business world. But there are other benefits too, including being able to craft a solution that could not be achieved in litigation, saving money and time, and preserving valuable relationships.

Though mediation is not appropriate for every business dispute, it can be a blessing in many instances. Business relationships are often precious and are beneficial for all involved, which means most parties are willing to do everything they can to protect the existing relationship. Mediation makes it possible to resolve a dispute respectfully and without further damaging the existing relationship.

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