Mediation is often the preferred method for dealing with contract disputes and breach of contract issues. The traditional method of resolving these types of disputes – litigation – often very expensive, less flexible and can take time, energy and resources away from all parties involved.

Throughout Marc’s entire career he has handled contract disputes in litigation and settlement. Marc’s approach to contract dispute resolution is to help the parties find something that works for everyone. Marc approaches the settlement from both a business and legal perspective. Mediation allows all the parties involved to craft a resolution that is more flexible then a court could, because the law is often more limited in what it allows, then what the parties, with the help of a seasoned mediator, can accomplish, at a fraction of the cost, inconvenience and uncertainty to the parties.

By working together, parties involved in breach of contract mediation may be able reach a resolution without compromising their future business. The process saves everyone involved time and money, and can help to preserve valuable business relationships.

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